BREAKTHRU: An Exclusively Telehealth Practice for Adults


Clinical Psychologist in Duluth, GA — Dr. Warner

Life Coaching Expert, Psychologist & Family Counselor in Duluth

We’ve all had difficult times in our lives. Periods when we feel stressed out, overwhelmed, frustrated, not understood. We need a neutral sounding board, a place to problem-solve and regroup from the pressures of life and hurtful relationships. 

If your friend’s and family’s well-intended support and advice just aren’t providing you answers, or your own efforts need a boost, I offer you my doctoral-level training and 20 years of expertise as your next step. Together, let’s figure out how you can move forward.


At BreakThru, (the psychological counseling practice of Dr. Quincy L. Warner), my role as your psychologist is to help you identify the issues causing you distress and what factors contribute to or cause them. We, as partners, then move you toward the life solutions you are after, by combining your self-knowledge with my experience and skill. I see it as a privilege to come alongside my clients and assist them toward healing and life fulfillment. I look forward to teaming up with you!


My Purpose Statement

My goal is to provide a supportive, focused environment where we work together to identify your counseling goals, then strategize and pursue progress as rapidly and completely as possible. As I’m mindful that counseling is a personal and life-changing endeavor, I try to keep the following scripture in mind as I serve my clients:

Bear one another’s burdens.” Galatians 6:2