Telemental Health

Given the CDC’s recommendation and our governmental requirements starting in March 2020 with COVID, Breakthru Counseling and Consulting, PC moved to utilizing Telemental health services so therapy could continue for our clients. As time has gone by with clients using the video conferencing platform, and, despite COVID numbers decreasing, we received overwhelming requests to continue using video conferencing.

BCC clients reported they love the convenience that Telemental health sessions afford, avoiding Atlanta traffic and taking less time out of already busy schedules. In response to this feedback, BCC will continue with this platform. Medicare and the vast majority of insurance companies moved to pay for these Telemental health services as a result of Covid-19 and most insurance companies have continued to reimburse these services.

As a courtesy to our clients, our insurance clerk can check to see if your particular insurance product will cover Telemental health as well as finding out what your deductible and/or co-pay would be. However, you, not your insurance Company, are ultimately responsible for BCC services rendered.

You can contact your insurance company directly as well to gain your insurance Telemental health coverage information. How long therapy will continue is always up to you, with our goal to remain in your life as a resource only as long as you find it beneficial.